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Several times, Rochester refers to Antoinette as Bertha. Antoinette is further isolated because her mother is consumed with two major challenges of her own: New Landscapes of Identity. But once the characters move to England, readers confront dark, cold, sterile, and all but complete isolation. Its most striking feature is the presence of the black man. As for the depiction of the s, she may have found journals and other such material that may have helped, or spoke to people. I walked fast, but she walked fast….
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Wide Sargasso Sea

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Wide Sargasso Sea

Browse pages. He has a mental deficiency, but his specific problem is never disclosed. Simply having Rochester abridge Antoinette's given name suggests that Duigan is unaware of the violence of renaming represented by Rhys. In her dream and in real life Antoinette is fearful of men and sexuality, with good reason. As Rhys presents it, both mother and daughter might have been saved from their collapse into madness had they received the affection and understanding that they so desperately needed. The mingled racial world in which she has grown up has included intimacy and love as well as hatred. The narrating self has invaded the experiencing self and imposed her perceptions upon the younger mind.
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The Analysis of Antoinette’s Tragic Fate in Wide Sargasso Sea

Rochester regards the black people in the West Indies with great loathing. In describing the tales of Henry James, Tzvetan Todorov observed:. Although this influence strongly affected the way Rhys wrote her novel and, therefore, is not a "fully autonomous novel," it does, however, achieve "its purpose because it is a remarkable work of art in its own right. But just as soon as Rhys mentions this demonstration of power, she counters it by stating that her family was not included in that circle. I'm Still Here! Ford also encouraged Rhys's writing and wrote the introduction to her first collection of short stories.
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Rochester comments that Amelie reminds him of Antoinette. When, in Part Three, Antoinette lies encaged in Thornfield Hall's dark, cold attic, the threads that hold her to the reality that the world perceives as sanity finally break. It would not be until that slavery was abolished through the entire British Empire, which included the Caribbean islands. Completing that assignment was difficult. Like her sense of time, her sense of space becomes distorted; "that afternoon we went to England" she says, describing a brief foray from her attic. Rochester has married her, taken possession of her, and made her his wife, and so he now tells her story and the story of their marriage which has become his story and no longer hers. At the same time, he is a product of an authentic love between a white woman and a Caribbean man, and will be raised by people who reject the idea that his skin color will determine what he becomes.
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